1/1, 3/6 19/21 and so on

These indicate positions on The Rank, The Queue for The Rank and The Queue for The Queue for The Rank. At night, these are referred to as The Rank and The Night Rank, with the queue regularly stretching all the way back to The Spoons form Ock Stret. 1/1 is also Pole.

Ambos, The

Ambulance service personnel or vehicles, locally provided by South Central Ambulance Service. Occasionally, you see military vehicles travelling around town in this capacity.  Australian slang, originates from my time in Australia in the 1990s. Also used by my third favourite Radio 4 show BBC World Tonight, to mean ambassador.

Bilking, bilk, bilker

Making off from the taxi, without paying.

Bing, The

Friendly nickname for the town of Abingdon, where @theabingdontaxi is based.

Breakfast - "you can see what she had for breakfast" (R)

Wearing a very short skirt

Brooming, broom

Where the taxi driver in front of you on The Rank declines a job and it comes to you, usually because the passenger is only traveling a short distance. Not permitted and usually accompanied by an excuse like "I've got a booking in ten minutes, mate."


Where a taxi driver gives a passenger his business card at the end of the journey, often used in a derogatory sense, where a driver has covered a job for someone else and then tries to poach that driver's customer.

"Carrying her two young children under her arms" (R)

Very large breasts.

Dinner - "you can see what she had for dinner" (R)

Wearing a very low cut top.


Explosive Ordnance Disposal: 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment Royal Logistic Corps are based at Vauxhall Barracks in Didcot, scheduled to close in 2028.



Firos, The

Fire service personnel and vehicles, provided in Oxfordshire by Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service. Australian slang, originates from time spent in Australia in the 1990s.


Good job home. When you get a job, either off the telephone, the rank or flag down, which takes you in the direction of home, at the time you wanted to go home. See also VGJH.

Large hands (R)

Large breasts.


Life before taxiing


Modified tweet: where you retweet (RT) someone else's attributed tweet and modify it, to shorten and/or add your own comments.

"One gold coin"


Modified tweet: where you retweet (RT) someone else's attributed tweet and modify it


A long distance job. Usage of this term might be restrcited, geographically.


Retweeting somebody else's tweet into your own timeline. Can be done either by clicking a button in your Twitter client, or manually, by cut and paste.


A soldier in the British Army. Located just outside Abingdon, a £7 taxi fare from the town centre, is Dalton Barracks, known colloquially as 'The Camp'

Trucker's Tizer

Tweet Meet

Random real world meeting of Twitter users, happens from time to time in the taxi.

Tweet Up

Meeting of Twitter users, in the real world, can be informal, but usually organised.


Very good job home. When you get a job going to your own district, at the time you want to go home. See also GJH.


White van man, or woman